5 Easy Ways to Build Your Email List!

Newsflash! You don't own the social platforms you are playing on! It's important to make sure that you bring your communities off of Social and into a community that you own! An email list is a great way to ensure you have a back up plan in case something breaks on social. The best time to start building your email list was yesterday, or last week, or last year… but it's never too late to start! We've got you covered!  Today, I'm going to share 5 Easy Ways to Build Your Email List! (Pssst… One of these strategies involves GIFS and it's so fun!) So read on…


5 Easy Ways to Build Your List!

Most of us know what an email list IS, it is a method of communicating to your community. I don’t actually like the word “list” because I think it’s clinical and annoying, it doesn’t leave me all warm and fuzzy. I prefer the word “community.” But I did this training recently, where someone told me that when they polled their community, this person found out that they didn’t like the word “community.” That said I will continue to use the word “list” throughout this training because it’s simpler, but internally, we do use the word “community.”

Let me make this clear, we are not about “list shame.”  I have been a subject of list shame in the past. Whether it was not being allowed to actually participate in something because “my list wasn’t big enough,” or after being allowed to participate, the presenter was so mean and rude to me because my list was smaller than other participants. I now have a “list” of people I love, and I don’t play with the folks who “list-shamed” me in the past. No matter how big your list currently is, it’s an awesome list. We all start somewhere. Some people who have smaller, more active lists get better results, these tips are great for you too, to keep that community interested and involved! 

When you are looking to build a list, you need to maintain two things:

  • You have an intention, typically to connect and to provide value.
  • You have an objective, to move people through your journey toward becoming a customer or a client. It’s typically about monetization.

This process will take an investment of either your money or your time.We are building these lists because we want to communicate to people who have expressed interest in what it is that we offer. But some people veto this idea because they have an active Facebook group. That’s crazy because you don’t own social networks! You may be good at reaching out to people individually, but eventually, time wise, you will need to expand beyond that because you will run out of time. I also know of people who have lost their social media accounts. Either they did something against compliance and are being spammy weirdos, and sometimes it was a glitch. This is the safeguard for your business, and protecting your community that you worked hard to build. (We are not getting into GDPR today by the way.) If you are creating content every week, which you should be doing, or if you have an offer you’re announcing, you want to ensure having an open line of communication, and you want it to be like you’re talking to your friend. So here we go, let’s dive into the five easy ways you can build your list (community)


Strategy #1:

An Offer!

This concept comes from the tree of beliefs, which is a series of beliefs that your ideal client has to have in order to say, “yes” to purchasing from you. ( Check out THIS post for a breakdown of the tree of beliefs)

Oftentimes, people will offer something that is super high up in the tree of beliefs, typically a strategy session or a phone call. Unfortunately, most people won’t actually take advantage of that because it’s a huge investment of their time, and unless they already know you or trust you, they are not ready for that yet. So, I have a few other options you can start with! 

Free gifts like this are often called “lead magnets.” This is because it magnetizes potential leads and brings them to you, but when you are bringing those leads in, you want it to also be qualifying them as someone who would be a good fit for your community. Before you even send an offer, first you need to be super clear about who that ideal community member is. Once you have that in place, you can start to brainstorm offers.

Here are my favorites:
  • “Show notes”: These are breakdowns, bullet points, re-caps whatever YOU want to call them of each episode we put out.
  • Live show reminders. We send a reminder to those who opt in so they don’t miss a show
  • Someone else’s resource: There is an awesome tool called Sniply. You can check out how it works HERE! I did this once and for something I didn’t even create, I got 58 conversions out of it. 
  • A free training: Yes, it does take more energy and effort, and it is a higher ask, but putting together a free training is great.

Those are some simple starters. NOW when you are brainstorming about this free gift, Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it something they actually want?
  • Does it solve a problem that then moves them to another problem that you can solve with a paid program or offer?
  • Is it easily consumable? Sometimes we will create something super valuable, butit takes too much time to read so it goes into the graveyard of Lead Magnets. (I even personally have a Dropbox folder on my computer for that).
  • Is it unique to you and your business? If it’s generic, it won’t be as juicy.
  • Is it timely? Is it something time-sensitive they can use right now?
  • Do you have a follow-up in place? Have you created a thank-you page, an incentive email, a nurture sequence?
  • Is your sig up and opt in easy?
  • Do you have a “so that” statement?


Strategy #2:

Expert Roundups 

An expert roundup is when you reach out to power partners, people who serve the same people you do, but they are offering a different kind of solution. You can reach out to people in your space and ask them for either a few tips about some aspect of your space (top three tips for using social media or how to market, something like that).

We did this once with vocal coaches. It helped me built my list and make some contacts. We developed a PDF. Each tip consisted of a link that led to that particular expert’s opt-in, giving them traffic, too. What happened was several of the people who joined the expert round-up became clients of ours later when I switched my target market to people who wanted help building their businesses. You could even invite friends to do trainings in Facebook groups. 


Strategy #3:

Optimize Your Digital Presence 

Once you have created that free gift and developed that landing page, like Molly.Live, make sure that link is absolutely everywhere. If you go to our website,, the very first thing you see is a link to opt into a lead magnet, the video content platform.  

Do you have a LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or more? Make sure your free gift and opt in is on ALL of your social media platforms, not just your website. Each one of these is an opportunity to build a list.

One of my favorite ways to share things, and optimize your presence online is creating Gifs! They are such a fun way to have my face out there. Your logo is cool, but your face is a cooler, stronger representation of your brand. If you use gifs in addition to your links all over the place, when people start to search for things on Facebook, there are more opportunities for people to find you, optimizing your digital presence.  If you search for, “Go Live” on Facebook Gifs, I am second only to Dora the Explorer. It’s a gif of my face. We LOVE creating them, and gifs of mine have been shared hundreds of times, some even over 1,000 times. 

Creating them is easy!

One way it to do it directly through Facebook Go to create a post and click “Gif.” Or you can use tenor (link in additional resources below) which creates a dashboard for you to see statistics of your gifs. When we create the gifs and upload them, we tag them. We tag them with my name, but also with regular phrases such as “show up” and “go live.” Creating a Gif can help you with our next strategy.

Strategy #4:

Ladder Posts 

When you make a Gif and then you post that on your social media and use it as a way to entice people to check something out. Once they are there you can ask them to comment by leaving a word or phrase. Once they do that you reply to those comments with your gift.  This is what we call a ladder post: It’s called a ladder post because of the steps. You post, they comment, you reply. They comment, you reply. And so forth.  


Strategy #5:

Talk to People

This is the easiest strategy that you can even implement right now. I took a program a few years ago called 10k Subs, which is a program on how to bring in 10,000 subscribers to your list. This was the very first strategy they taught in this training. I know talking to people is under-rated, but it can work wonders really quickly. 

Joey Vitale, our trademark lawyer, is starting a brand-new live video show. He has been a member of GLAM and is a great friend. He said, “Hey, you’ve been so supportive of our show. I am launching a brand-new show. I will be teaching this and this. Would you like to be reminded of when we go live?” I said, “Sure.” He sent me a link where I had to put in an email address to be reminded. Guess what? He talked to a human being and it turned into a person being added to his list. Now he can talk to me en masse.

If you are already building a Facebook page, you can message those people who have already liked your page and say, “Thank you so much for liking my page. I have this awesome resource. Would you like me to send it to you?” 

  • The key is asking for permission first! Not everyone wants to be followed up on like that. Don’t send them the link if they don’t want it. 
  • You should follow up with people. Send fun gifs or something like that. 

*In order to be GDPR compliant, you give them the link to go through the sign-up process. If you don’t have a link like that yet, you need to let them know that signing up for a free gift would also add them to your email list with their permission. Then if they agree, that’s okay. You are now compliant. 


There you have it! As I mentioned before, if you have a list or community that you think is strong but mighty, these tips may only help you to keep those who have already subscribed, which is SUPER important as well! If you are looking to expand and grow your community, I hope you can implement some of these tips to help you continue to be of service! 


Make sure to check our additional resources! 


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    • When you are ready to sign up,  use the code “Molly,” you can get 30% off! 
  • Molly.Live for all sorts of amazing free resources!
  • If you specifically want my video content planner, check out
  • Sniply, the tool that allows you to include your link on the bottom of someone else’s page
  • Tenor, a gif creator and search engine



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