May 6, 2020

Teach Your Gift with Danny Iny

Teach Your Gift Do you have something you REALLY know about? Have you truly thought about how this could be the time to take that step and begin to teach your gift? Now more than… read more

April 2, 2020

Keys to Live Streaming For Fitness Professionals

With every in live person event now being canceled, it’s vital to have an online presence. From musicians, to speakers, to educators, to athletes, to service professionals… it’s time to GET ONLINE, or literally be lost… read more

April 21, 2017

Create Auto responders for your Facebook page

#botsonthebeach (0:09) If you’re like most people, your open rate on your email inbox is horrible (0:17) The open rate with Facebook Messenger is crazy amazing! (0:40) There is a way to be able to… read more

April 17, 2017


10 Ways to increase engagement during your live videos on your BUSINESS PAGE! #mindblown . If I hear one more person tell me they don’t want to go live on their business page because they… read more

March 28, 2017

Messenger “Bot” Automation.

Mind! Blown! New Messenger Automation! Try it with me : ) You are now able to set up a “bot” that will message your peeps who comment below your videos with specific word! Comment below… read more

March 8, 2017

Fighting a Loosing Battle with Time?

Dude. You are not going to win! No matter how hard we try, we can not manage time! (0:39) The idea of “time management” doesn’t actually happen – you have to manage YOURSELF. You have… read more

September 28, 2016


What a killer turn out for our Live Video Master Class! If you are looking to expand your reach – you must watch this! Here’s the replay if you’d like to jump and soak up… read more

April 13, 2015

A Chat With Shanon Mari Mills

Last Tuesday at the Ghost Light Vocal Jam (GLVJ), I had the chance to sit down with the bubbly headliner Shanon Mari Mills during intermission and chat with her a bit about her career and… read more

January 16, 2015


We have another Masterclass coming Jan. 27th and IT’S A GREAT ONE! Click here to purchase now at the discounted rate. Remember when I shared this post on the 4th of July? I suggested that you… read more

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