How to Grow a TikTok Channel to 100k Followers

How to Grow a TikTok Channel to 100k Followers


Do you ever wonder how these people get “TikTok famous” or how they “go viral?” What about going from 0 to 1.8 MILLION real likes and over real 100k Followers in 3 months? I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see happen with my own eyes. Andrew Carlson has legit blown my mind with his POWERFUL results on TikTok.

Now, I know you are probably thinking… Isn't that for kids? This won't work in my space. I'm gonna say – NOPE- you are wrong, Which I don't say often. I'm convinced you can make this happen in almost any niche. Andrew is offering mindset tips and motivation on his channel ShiftIntoActionNow and it's REAL GOOD. This has lead to publications in magazines, interviews, clients and more! Do you want to know From 0 to 1.8 MILLION real likes and over real 100k Followers in 3 months? Keep on reading!



A little bit about Andrew

Andrew Carlson is a coach specializing in productivity panic, technology overwhelm, and creative burnout. He helps monetize influence and expand your brand and credibility through developing strong systems. 

After having to halt his first career path because he had to have 10 different heart surgeries over a three-year period. He began learning about NLP.

*Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a psychological approach that involves analyzing strategies used by successful individuals and applying them to reach a personal goal. It relates thoughts, language, and patterns of behavior learned through experience to specific outcomes. 

Eventually his journey led him to being a coach. He had known he wanted to be a business coach, but he didn’t have his niche and messaging down. When TikTok emerged he thought it would be a great opporuntity, but after doing a couple videos he really didn’t like it. Soon after he helped a friend create videos on TikTok (she had a decent following on Instagram and YouTube), and within months, she went from 0 to 300k followers, and now she is at over 800k followers. This past February (2020), he decided to take really use Tik Tok seriously because he wanted that kind of influence.

Since then, with his consistency on TikTok, Andrew got an eight-page magazine spread in an international magazine, featuring him with other actors, he booked three high-ticket clients and generated so many different podcast episodes.


Fears Around TikTok


1. “It’s just for Kids”

There are plenty of objections around TikTok, like, “It’s just for kids” or “I don’t want to do those silly dances.” But the only dancing Andrew does is tap dancing, lol, so he does not dance on the platform, nor does he want or feel the need to. It is hard for everyone to see the influence a platform like TikTok can have, when people see that “everyone” goes viral over doing silly stuff. The reality is that you are only seeing around 5% of the content that is being produced, because yes, that’s what the kids want. 

2. “There are so many Trolls”

When you go into the Social media world, you have to go in with the understanding that there will always be trolls, no matter the platform. You have to deal with them in the best way possible, and not let them stop your message and path to service. 

3. “So, if I don’t HAVE to dance, what content do I put out?”

It’s true that not many “businesspeople” are on TikTok, but that give you the opportunity to refine your messaging, using the platform’s audience as a test. Once you feel solid, you begin to share that content.  In February, Andrew didn’t know what he wanted to make, but he knew that he was going to stay consistent and refine his messaging as he went, which he did. Once you reach popularity and influence on TikTok, you can drive that influence and get them to purchase anything. Starting is simply a way to build the community first, and then you move to achieving actual results.


The 5 Steps to Achieving TikTok Success


Step 1: Understand Your Niche and focus on it

 The first step is to understand your niche, or really, the niche within the niche. To clarify, a niche is what your audience is going to be able to know every single time that you’re talking about? So, as an example, you don’t just talk about general mental health, what is it specifically about mental health? A niche should preferably be 1-3 laser focused topics within the audience you are trying to serve. 

For Andrew, someone who does business coaching, he focuses on confidence and mindset. Then when he talks about confidence, he talks about showing up, and when he talks about mindset, he talks about mindset hacks and tricks.

When you first log into TikTok as a brand-new user, the “For You” page is the main feed, like a News Feed on Facebook, where TikTok shows you content that it thinks you’ll enjoy. Until you begin to follow others, this page can be the most terrifying page on the face of the planet. There’s dancing and flip cups and a lot that is clearly not designed for business. You have to train the TikTok algorithm because it is not that smart. Your goal is to train it to figure out which content should be put in front of you and where your content should be put. This is why only following people in your niche is key. It’s like how on Facebook, your business page can follow other business pages. This will help you show up in front of the right people, placing you in that category.

Step 1a- Expert to Influencer 

If you go to Andrew’s profile, you will see most of his videos have at least tens of thousands of views. You have to keep refining your feed so that once you blow up, you’re somebody. You have to shift from “expert” to “influencer,” which can be a difficult mindset shift. Andrew realized he went from expert to influencer when he woke up with 40,000 followers. 

He did this by putting a few things in place ( that we will talk about in step 3) and his intoxicating energy. His followers sometimes even watch his videos without sound because just watching him is captivating. You have to remember that you are doing this for an audience and you need them to care about the information you are delivering. If you expect that no one is going to care, then no one will care!

Once you reach a certain follower volume and become “ TikTok Famous” or “Go Viral,” it can be scary. Of course you WANT it, you want to be able to reach that many people with your knowledge, and to have the opportunity to help EVEN MORE people, but  there is now a responsibility to show up for your audience when you have that kind of influence. That is terrifying. Some people want your information and some are ready to troll you hard core. You have to have the right systems and mindset in place in order to handle it properly. This is why so many people either get a big head or just suddenly stop out of being so overwhelmed. It is so important to remember, the expectation that other people have of you does not have to be shared by you. Take time off if you need it. Show up and deliver content when you can. Be consistent when you can.

Step 2: Style

Andrew’s content style is the all-over-the-place, giving tips, showing videos, playing tricks on your mind. While his actual content is crazy and energetic, his visual style on is clean and simple. He has the same background, with different colored lighting, and it's always the SAME! It is super helpful to have some consistency in your background, and what people see visually before they click the play button. On Facebook, I have the backdrop and the Be.Live frames, viewers know what to expect of both of us visually.

Creating video's doesn't have to be difficult either. Some people take six hours to make ONE video; Andrew doesn’t have that time. He takes an hour to make his TikTok content for the whole week.

Step 3: Getting Their Attention

In this fast paced world we live in, where the next best thing is truly, the next thing you scroll to, you have 1-2 seconds to capture someone’s attention. It’s like a headline of an article.

What will pull them in to keep their attention? You have to figure out what works for the audience you want to engage. That goes back to the niche. Create content that gets THOSE people to pay attention. Here are a couple tips from Andrews TikTok Coach ( Yes, he has a TikTok Coach!) 

1. Have a jump cut every three seconds. (This is due to people’s attention spans being so small.) A jump cut is literally jumping from frame to frame. Nothing fancy like fade in or out. 

2. Go on to your profile and see if your video catches your own attention. If it doesn’t catch your attention, it won’t catch others’ attention either.

Step 4: Consistency

You have to show up. Andrew did three videos a day for the first 30 days. Then he went down to two videos a day, which was manageable. But it took him 20 minutes to make those videos, not six hours. Consistency is our mantra here, but even I have struggled with this, especially when it comes to TikTok. So if you are going to do this, flippin’ commit!

In online business, people seem to think they can build it for a passive income and not have to do anything. They think that dollars will just magically fly into their face. It just doesn’t happen that way. You have to show up and give people content, NOW that doesn’t mean you have to be creating content for EACH platform separately. Remember you can share your video across multiple platforms. It’s almost like a content creation tool, that can allow you to stay active on other platforms. Same with live video. If you do one video a week, you can create so much other content from that.

In order to stay consistent, try to take all the emotion out of it and look at everything logically. If you study the numbers, you will see if something works or if it doesn’t. It’s not personal. Just focus on putting out good, helpful content out there, and everything you want will come. The biggest struggle people have is the expectation that every video will blow up. And when they don’t they quit or become disengaged, and their consistent content begins to falter. But what did that one viral video do? Did it have a good conversion rate? Were the likes equivalent to the views? One of my videos that went viral was me at Target talking about how my favorite things were in the kids section. But that has nothing to do with my business. I love that it got 20,000 views, but will it turn into business results? Probably not. What it did show me though, was that people like PEOPLE. I was not surprised when I heard about Andrew’s success because I knew that he consistently showed up as his authentic self.  

Here is how you can create Batch Content in order to help you stay consistent!

Batching Content

Steps in TikTok app

  • Film your video.
  • Once you’re done filming and editing it, click a button that says “Next.” (This is where you will put the description.)
  • There is a button called “Drafts” on the left, and “Publish” on the right. Click “Drafts.” and it lives in there until you are ready to post it.
  • On your profile, click the icon to see all your videos. On the top left-hand side, it will say “Drafts” that only you can see. Click it, and you can see all of them to post.
  • Once you click a video, it will say, “Add a description.”
  • If you’re not done editing it, click “Back” to go to the editing page. And if you still aren’t ready to publish, once again, click “Next,” and then click “Drafts.”

Step 5: CTA (Call to Action)

This is Andrew’s real secret. After every single video, he stays consistent with ending his videos by  pointing to the “follow” button and saying, “If you want more tips, click on the ‘Follow’ button.”  He also does something called a “series,” with multiple videos. From a psychological standpoint, you are keeping a spinning plate open. They are checking your profile over and over to look for the next part. And he will wait days or weeks to post part two, posting other videos in between, keeping his viewers excited with anticipation. I have a four-part giveaway strategy, where you have to participate in every post in order to be eligible. I do post other content in between, so it is a similar idea.


Tips from Andrew

  • Andrew scripts every video out on his Notes app on his iPhone. 
  • He memorizes single sentences at a time, and then after each sentence is where he would have the jump cut. In an hour, Andrew can record about 12-15 videos. But he’s been practicing for a while. The editor is clunky and has a bit of a learning curve, but once you get used to it, it’s super easy.
  • He did create a system, which helps. He adds music to it so that he doesn’t have to listen to his own voice. He writes the captions out. You want the moving boxes to be 2-3 seconds as well, so after every sentence, it cuts. You move it around to keep viewers’ attention.
  • Follow a system. Practice it. (If you need help with a system, contact Andrew!)
  • The longest video Andrew will make is 40 seconds. The average watch time on Andrew’s videos is 20-23 seconds, so he aims for that time per video. Take notes on your viewers. 
  •  You can’t use BIGVU (a transcription app) on TikTok because you want to film in TikTok’s app as much as possible. To use BIGVU, you have to film there.

Thank you for letting us help you learn how to grow a TikTok channel to 100k followers! We hope that you will feel more confident in taking the leap into this new platform, in order to help your business grow! If you want tips on how to create content that converts, to get your TikTok posts representing you the best, check out THIS post! Below are also some additional resources and ways to follow and connect with Andrew, including some information about the incredible company The Belief Co.

The Belief Co.
Belief Co is all NLP, all the time. It’s all the certifications you need and implementing
mindset strategies to create a better future.
Reiki, hypnotherapy, and more are tools that they teach over there.
You are not given a user manual to understand how the mind works in life, but Belief
Company provides that user manual.

Connect and Follow Andrew!
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